UCU Community Accountability for Racial Justice

17 October 2022, 14:00 - 15:30
Online (Zoom)

UCU CPD Community Accountability for Racial Justice Workshop 17 October 2pm-330pm

As part of UCU’s commitment to pursuing racial justice the CPD team have developed two related workshops, Decolonise your Institution and Community accountability for racial justice. The former is a look at the history of slavery and colonialisation in the UK’s education sector,  The latter will look at how we can come together to fight for racial justice. What to expect

The Decolonise your Institution workshop makes the case that educational institutions throughout the UK have shied away from discussing the realities of slavery and colonialism, and that only by facing up to those realities do we stand any chance of addressing the systemic racism that is endemic in the sector and which forms the true legacy of colonialism in the UK.

But to understand this fact is the first step. The second is uniting together to fight for racial justice. The Community Accountability for Racial Justice workshop will explain how UCU’s approach to building lasting communities of allies in this fight will work. The workshop tutors will explain all before participants discuss how they might develop their own Community Accountability for Racial Justice panel.

Learning Aims

By the end of this UCU online workshop participants will

  • Understand UCU’s Community Accountability for Racial Justice programme
  • Explore how to build alliances for racial justice within and beyond your institution
  • Consider how to bring community influence to bear on institutions
  • Discuss how to create enduring, inclusive and pleasurable structures that will work toward winning racial justice.

How UCU CPD workshops work

The taught sessions last for about 60 minutes, after which time we take 15-20 minutes to discuss the issues raised with a UCU official, depending on availability. The total time commitment will be around an hour and a half.

You will need to find a quiet space, away from distractions (like telephone and email!), and you may prefer to use headphones for the session. I would also recommend that you check that you can use zoom before the session if you are unfamiliar with it.

Once registered you will be sent a meeting number and password for the webinar using zoom. You will be able to join the session from about 10 minutes before the stated start time. I would also recommend that you do join 5 to 10 minutes early as you will need to be admitted to the session, and of course there can be technical problems.

Live transcription will be available. We are passionately committed to ensuring that everyone can fully participate in UCU CPD sessions so if you need us to make any additional facilities available to you please get in touch as soon as you can. We will do everything possible to help.

In solidarity,
Glen Pickard and Tracy Walsh
Learning and Development Coordinators

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